You Should Stream: Before ‘Jane the Virgin’ Gina Rodriguez Was an East Los Rapper in ‘Filly Brown’

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Ever since Filly Brown premiered at Sundance in 2012, Gina Rodriguez in a dazzling, breakout performance, has been the talk of Hollywood.

Rodriguez plays Majo, a tough rapper who needs to make it big so she can raise money to get her mom out of jail. The cast includes Latino (and Filipino) powerhouses Lou Diamond Phillips, Edward James Olmos, and Jenni Rivera in her first, and sadly last, movie role.

Back in April when it hit theaters Filly Brown made close to $3 million. That’s a pretty good run for an indie film. But, if you missed it in theaters now is your chance to watch it at home. And it is definitely worth a watch. Some of you might only be interested in seeing the late Jenni Rivera’s last on-screen performance but the film has a lot more to offer.

I guarantee you will absolutely fall in love with Gina Rodriguez. Her infectious energy and lyrical prowess are what make this film shine. It’s hard to believe she never rapped before because she rhymes her ass off in this movie. Yeah, it has its overly-dramatic telenovela-esque moments but don’t act like you don’t secretly love watching novelas with your abuela. Plus, the soundtrack is pretty catchy too.

Filly Brown
Directors: Youssef Delara, Michael D. Olmos
Cast: Gina Rodriguez, Jenni Rivera, Lou Diamond Phillips, Edward James Olmos, Chingo Bling

Where to Watch It: Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, VUDU, Google Play, Netflix