Guillermo del Toro Was at Comic-Con This Weekend and Twitter Had a Nerdgasm

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Guillermo del Toro is undoubtedly, unequivocally the king of the nerds, and Comic-Con is his palace.

Yes, the kid from Guadalajara that made Hollywood his fiefdom is back in the public eye and seemingly more active than ever. And if you thought last year’s big — nay, HUGE — budget sci-fi monster opera, Pacific Rim, was going to slow him down, think again. With a new creepy vampire series that premiered on FX just two weeks ago (The Strain), two feature projects well into the development phase (Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim 2) and another being written (Justice League Dark) while The Book of Life, which he produced, is on its way to theaters, it seems del Toro may actually be a fantasy creature endowed with superhuman abilities after all.

Just yesterday his majesty held court at the infamous Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con to shed some light on his upcoming gothic romance Crimson Peak and to just be a generally likable dude. Meanwhile, nerds across social media swooned. We’ve gone through the trouble of rounding up our favorite tweets so you can stay in-the-know without compromising your fragile, 21st-century attention span. Thank us later.

Let’s hope that among his many qualities, the guy also knows a little CPR.

From genre director to international sex-symbol: click here to see del Toro’s amazingly cute face! Or not…

We have to wonder what was on her head.

Then there’s the follow-up “blurry photo” she posted soon after…

If only I had this ability. Could this be considered a super power?

Don’t know what in the world they’re talking about, but making people clap like little girls is definitely a super power.

The master del Toro continues blurring the lines between fantasy and reality…

Point taken, but lets hope Octavio Paz and Diego Rivera don’t catch wind of this.

Who needs grammar when you’ve got Guillermo del Toro?

*BONUS: Listen to the nerdist podcast to hear del Toro explain how you can’t make movies unless you enjoy some part of the process. He breaks it down simply, “I always say you can’t fuck if you don’t have a boner.”

Actually, we don’t need context. This sounds just about right.

And finally, del Toro says what we’ve all been thinking: