Gloria Trevi’s New ‘Reality Show’ Tries to Convince Us She’s Not Insane

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Mexico’s own Gloria Trevi gets ready to show off her pelo suelto on her new reality show for mun2, A Toda Gloria. Fresh off of denouncing the unauthorized biopic of her life, the multi-platinum artist might be looking to set the record straight — or just sell some more records.

At the very least, there’s plenty of fodder for the series since Trevi’s real life sounds like the plot of a telenovela. In the 1980s, she left the girl group, Boquitas Pintadas, to go solo, and became an international sensation, selling millions of records and concert tickets. But after becoming embroiled in a sex scandal, Trevi spent four years in prison, even giving birth to a daughter while incarcerated.

Trevi — who, in her day in her day might have made Miley Cyrus blush with her on-stage antics — has already managed quite a comeback. Her latest album, “De Pelicula,” gave her three hit singles, and took her touring across the United States again. She also starred in a telenovela, the short-lived Libre para amarte. But her reality show, which premieres on October 5, will catch us up on her day-to-day, and maybe shed some light on the more sordid parts of her past.

We really hope she shows her most interesting side. You know, the batshit crazy side.


A Toda Gloria premieres on mun2 on October 5 at 9pm.