Win a Shopping Trip With the Mamis of ‘Orange is the New Black’

Lead Photo: Photo: Cosmo Latina
Photo: Cosmo Latina
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Let’s face it — if Julia Roberts had Flaca by her side, that mean retail lady with the shoulder pads would have never kicked her out of the fancy Rodeo Drive store in Pretty Woman. Flaca would have been like, “I’ll stab you with my lip liner, blanca.”

In a city where most Madison Avenue clerks don’t know what pedir descuento means, you’re going to need a fierce negotiator. Fortunately, the Latin rudas from Orange is the New Black are coming off the kitchen-line and planting their sharp stilettos on New York City’s couture boulevards. Jackie Cruz, Jessica Pimentel, and Laura Gomez are auctioning off their time and fashion expertise to help the Women’s Prison Association, an organization committed to improving the lives of incarcerated women and their families. Flaca, Maria, and Blanca will hold your iced café con leche while helping you choose between gold-lamé and sequin, drop-crotch, and skinny Dickies and Timbs. Hey, these studio-streetwise mamis might even get you fifteen off the sale price, ese!

Check it out here!