Latinos at the Emmys: Who Got Nominated and Who Got Overlooked

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The 66th Primetime Emmys are airing on Monday, August 25th; there are oh so many reasons to watch, and one big reason to stick to reruns. For despite expanding the Daytime Emmys to include more Spanish-language categories, the Latino representation among the nominees has left us feeling underwhelmed. Pero a lo hecho, pecho — no sense crying over spilt milk. Instead, we’re going to celebrate the Latino performers who did get noms and give nods to our own “Honorable Mentions,” and contenders for next year’s awards. #sisepuede


There are lots of talented Latino actors and some of them have been able to land roles on TV shows but only two of them got nominated.

Louis C.K.

Nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series; Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series; Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series; Outstanding Comedy Series

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No surprise here: Louis C.K. (whose father was born in Mexico) has continuously raised the bar during the four-year run of his comedy series, Louie. He’s made us think about what we find funny (and whether or not it’s okay), and in the process, stretched into more dramatic territory. He’s already lost in the Outstanding Guest Actor in Comedy Series category (to Jimmy Fallon), but snagging a Lead Actor award should provide plenty of consuelo.

Fred Armisen

Nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series; Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series

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We’re sure the only reason that half-Venezolano Fred isn’t competing with Louis for lead actor is that Portlandia is definitely more of an ensemble show. And anyway, how hard would it be to pick your favorite Armisen character? His uncompromisingly feminist bookstore owner, Candace, cracks us up all the time, and the creido vintage shop owner makes us laughingly uncomfortable about our own wardrobe. But our hearts cheer and break a little every season for Lance.


So, while we can’t make a drinking game out of tracking the Latino winners this year, we can still recognize some of the amazing talent we’ve seen this year. Here are our picks for Potent Notables:

Sofia Vergara

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It’s not immediately obvious to the average American viewer, but Sofia Vergara’s Gloria Pritchett is among the most quotable characters on TV right now. She shines among the stellar cast of Modern Family.The Emmy voters seemed to have forgotten about her this year, after nominating her for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the last four years. Pero todo dicho, she had a good year: she received nominations for a Golden Globe and a Kids’ Choice Award.

Morena Baccarin

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Another almost-ran is Homeland’s Morena Baccarin. The Brazilian-born actress has racked up the accolades in the three years she’s played Jessica Brody; her depiction of a woman torn between two men and two lives, earned her Emmy and SAG nominations last year. Here’s hoping Academy voters watch with both eyes next season.

Guillermo Diaz

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With his role on ABC’s Scandal, Guillermo Diaz has officially left behind comedies like Half Baked and Chappelle’s Show. As Huck, the former Marine turned covert CIA operative, Diaz has turned in a riveting performance season after season. He has the cojones to do the “wet work,” even if it means turning on the woman he’s sleeping with.

Demian Bichir

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After earning a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his work in 2011’s A Better Life, Demian Bichir made the move to the small screen for The Bridge. As Mexican homicide cop Marco Ruiz, Bichir plays one of the few honest cops in Chihuahua, which is why we can almost forgive him for being a bit of a mujeriego. Season two of The Bridge is currently underway on FX.

Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez has played Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy almost since the beginning, so it might be easy to forget the laughs she provides per episode of the medical soap opera. She’s aguda and sharp-tongued, but that tough exterior houses a big heart, which showrunner Shonda Rhimes has seen fit to break (multiple times). But it looks like Callie might soon get her happy ending after all.

Pedro Pascal

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Finally, an honorable mention AND posthumous award: Not only was chileno Pedro Pascal snubbed by the Emmy voters, but he won’t even have a chance at next year’s statuettes (gracias, George R.R. Martin). Pascal played Oberyn “The Viper” Martell on season four of Game of Thrones as a man with an insatiable lust for women (sometimes men), and revenge. He arrived at King’s Landing on a mission to avenge his murdered sister and her child. But living by the sword meant dying by it—or in his case, at the feet, and hands, of The Mountain. The Viper has been glibly described as an “unlucky” Inigo Montoya (from The Princess Bride), but he was one of the few characters with honorable intentions, and therefore one of our favorites. So let’s raise a glass to Pascal’s mesmerizing portrayal, and let’s pour one out for our fallen compadre, Oberyn.