TRAILER: Rosario Dawson & Jessica Alba are Bad Ass Killers in 'Sin City' Sequel

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If Guillermo del Toro is the king of the nerds, what could we call Robert Rodriguez? Archduke? Caesar? Either way you slice it, Mr. Rodriguez is also Comic-Con royalty and to the great delight of his many ravenous admirers, he has used the 2014 edition to unveil an extended red-band trailer for — drumroll please — the upcoming sequel to Sin City (known less succinctly as Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.)

It’s been almost 10 years, a couple of Machete movies and a Spy Kids sequel since the first Sin City rocked megaplexes with its distinctive high-contrast black-and-white look and ultra-stylized violence, but fans will be pleased to know that a good chunk of the original cast has been retained — including Latina A-listers Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba — while a slew of new actors have been added to the ranks (Including Lady Gaga!?!?).

Picking up in the same sordid, lawless neo-noir universe that characterized Frank Miller’s original graphic novels, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For follows four stories of vengeance and vigilante justice that converge on Sin City’s infamous Kadie’s Club Pecos. Shot in 3-D, the trailer suggests an adrenaline-fueled (did I really just use that adjective?), bullet-riddled pornography of violence, and while we could spend the better part of our lives debating the film’s ethical implications… it’s Robert Rodriguez, folks. Just strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For opens in theaters on August 22.