This Docuseries On a Latino High School Soccer Team Will Make You Want to Hug Everyone

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If you’re still dealing with a FIFA hangover, NUVOtv has a little cura for your cruda with its new docuseries, Los Jets. Produced by J-Lo and her sister Lynda Lopez, the show follows a men’s high school soccer team in a small southern town, and has all the cheers, tears, and bicycle kicks you’ll need.

Set in Siler City, NC, the series follows the players, coach, and supporters of Los Jets, the Jordan-Matthews High School soccer team. Paul Cuadros, a former journalist, is their coach and father figure, and also the founder of the team. Cirilo (“C-Lo”), the team captain, juggles friends and a girlfriend, but makes fútbol his top priority; Martin is both a team player and booster; and Darwin, an undocumented immigrant, manages to become the school’s first Mexican-American homecoming king.

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As immigrants and the sons of immigrants, the boys will face opponents on and off the field. You’ll root for them when a goal is scored, and groan when they hear anti-immigrant slurs from the stands. But ultimately, Los Jets shows that the tide is turning toward integration.

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Los Jets airs Wednesdays at 10pm on NUVOtv.