TRAILER: Watch This Cute Colombian Kid Teach His Dad to Dance Reggaeton in ‘Gente de Bien’

Putting together a trailer is an art in itself. One can go the typical Hollywood route and focus on the effects like fast cuts, low frequency drops, and corny one-liners; or one can take an alternate route that focuses less on grabbing attention — or even giving an idea of the plot — and instead attempts to get to the very essence of the film. The trailer for Colombian director Franco Lolli’s first film, Gente de bien, which screened this week at the Lima Film Festival, belongs to the latter.

Reading the synopsis, we learn that Gente de bien is the story of a son who lives part-time with his deadbeat dad and is eventually taken under the wing of his father’s employer after she takes pity on the child. The trailer, however, has no interest in getting any of this across. Instead it shows us a tender, nuanced portrait of a young boy showing his father how he dances reggaetón.

Wonderfully acted and overflowing with humanity, this understated moment showcases what we can only assume are the film’s defining qualities, leaving us more with an emotional impression than a clear idea of where the movie intends to take us. It’s a risky gambit, but in Lolli’s case it seems to have paid off. We are given a brief glimpse into the souls of two characters and the depth of their relationship, left wishing we could only see a little more.