TRAILER: We Sort of Wish This Fake 'El Chavo del 8' Movie Was Real

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El Chavo del Ocho is about as deeply rooted in the Latin American collective unconscious as Simón Bolívar. And while a kid’s show featuring 40 year old men dressed up as orphaned children has its creepy side, it is one of those cherished shared experiences that unites Latin peoples from Nueva York to Tierra del Fuego. But despite the shows unflagging popularity nearly 25 years after the fact, no one has risen to the task of making a feature film showcasing Chespirito and the rest of the gang from the vecindad — until now. Well, kind of.

The funny-as-hell folks at Ecuador’s sketch comedy crew Enchufe.TV have released a fake trailer for a supposed Chavo del Ocho feature, repackaged as a generic Hollywood action-thriller. While it’s not entirely clear what this movie would be about, that’s never exactly been the art of the trailer. What we do know is that there is mystery, intrigue, ancient codexes, and butt jokes.

Featuring El Chavo’s beloved cast of characters brandishing automatic weapons, making out, and setting each other on fire, suffice it to say that the trailer has generated its fair share of controversy. After racking up over 7 million views in its first week — and just about as many complaints — Mexican telecom giant Televisa filed a cease and desist order for copyright infringement.

Nevertheless, Enchufe.TV’s David has somehow triumphed over Televisa’s Goliath, and the trailer remains available for your enjoyment on Enchufe.TV’s official Youtube channel.

What do you think: offensive, or all in good fun?

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