First Look at Ricky Gervais’ New Movie Starring Raul Castillo, Benjamin Bratt & America Ferrera

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Ricky Gervais may be known for bringing the peculiar comedic charm of mumbling Brits to world audiences with The Office, and more recently with his slightly uncomfortable 2-season run of Derek, but what would England’s comedic genius do with a couple of Latino characters? Well it seems we’ll finally get that question answered with his upcoming satirical comedy, Special Correspondents.

Starring Aussie Eric Bana as a radio news correspondent falsifying war broadcasts from a New York hideout, Gervais will play his (presumably) goofy British assistant in addition to holding down the writing, directing, and executive production.

But the real news is that Peruvian-American actorazo Benjamin Bratt will reportedly be playing a principal role as the duo’s nemesis, with confirmed secondary appearances by Tejano nice guy Raúl Castillo and America’s sweetheart, America Ferrera

The remake of the 2009 French comedy Envoyés Trés Spéciaux was picked up by Netflix for international distribution in what will be one of their first incursions into original feature film content, and principal photography kicked off in Toronto on May 19th. Not much is currently known about the roles Bratt, Castillo, and Ferrera will be playing, but some set photos have popped up on social media. We will most certainly keep an eye out as things develop.

Special Correspondents is slated for a 2016 release on Netflix.