For Your Consideration: LA Film Fest Latin Flick Picks

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Los Angeles Film Fest is a ten-day citywide celebration of the world’s best independent cinema. Playing host to masterclasses with directors and screenwriters, talks with actors and comedians, LA Film Fest should be any sycophant’s wet dream. You may ask, but Stefa, how will I ever choose what to see? (Cause there’s A LOT). So, to make things a little easier, we’ve gone ahead and picked the stand out Latino films being showcased this year. From Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and beyond, get ready to cackle, weep and holler–no subtitles necessary for those emotions.

I’m So Excited (Los Amantes Pasajeros)
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Starring: Antonio de la Torre, Javier Cámara, Cecilia Roth, Paz Vega, Hugo Silva
Country: Spain

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Imagine all your favorite Almódovar characters in one room together. In this instance, Almódovar decided to put them all on a plane en route to Mexico City. A diva soap star, psychic, dominatrix and a trio of camp stewards armed with roofies take us on an Almódovar trip like no other! Did I mention I’M so excited for this film? Yes.

Director: Rodrigo Reyes
Country: Mexico

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Purgatorio gives a voice to the people on a border town in Mexico. A man of God who leaves food and water in the desert, a Minuteman guarding the border, and individuals who will stop at nothing to get to America, Rodrigo Reyes’ documentary leaves the politics aside to shine a light on the harsh realties of those taking part in the immigrant experience.

Director: José Luis Valle
Starring: Jesus Padilla, Susana Salazar, Barbara Perrin Rivemar, Sergio Limon
Country: Mexico, Germany

Lidia is a dedicated sirvienta who’s hugely wealthy jefa has left her entire fortune to her dog, Princess. Rafael is a dignified janitor, who on the day of his retirement buys himself a new pair of shoes. First time director José Luis Valle’s dark comedic twist on these otherwise tragic characters, shows just how extreme class divide is in modern day Mexico.

The House That Jack Built
Director: Henry Barrial
Starring: E.J. Bonilla, Melissa Fumero, Leo Minaya, Saundra Santiago
Country: USA

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Jack is the hot-tempered man who takes care of business. Setting up his extended family in a single Bronx apartment complex in hopes of bringing everyone together, Jack quickly discovers that his family is not willing to play by his rules. Bickering parents, a rebellious brother and a sister with a flavor-of-the-week type attitude, Jack’s dreams begin spiraling out of control.

TheWoman and the Passenger
Director: Valentina Mac-Pherson & Patricia Correa
Country: Chile

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El Pasajero is a Chilean sex hotel where no one stays for more than a night. Here, the charismatic maids are unfazed by the moans & groans through the dark hallways where they work. Going about their routine, they share stories of romance, lost loves and sex.

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