‘Foster’s Home’ Reboot Getting New Imaginary Friends, But All We Want is Eduardo Back

Lead Photo: Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network
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The Emmy-Award-winning animated series Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is making a comeback to TV, but it looks like the new series won’t include any of the original characters, including Latine monster Eduardo.

In the original series created by Craig McCracken, which ran on Cartoon Network for six seasons from 2004 to 2008, Eduardo is a giant, hairy and purple Spanish-speaking beast created from the imagination of a little girl named Nina.

Although Eduardo looks a bit scarier than Nina’s other imaginary friends, he is a big softie. He is very friendly, compassionate, and sensitive and is easily frightened by the most harmless things. In one episode, Eduardo tries to prove to everyone that he is not afraid of a Frisbee or, as he describes it, “a flying disc of doom that flies around and wants to eat me.”

However, as much of a beloved character as Eduardo was in the original series, none of the original imaginary friends will return for the new season. Instead, according to Deadline, the show “will return as an original preschool animated series with a new cast of preschool-aged imaginary friends, promised to be ‘as silly and playful as the original bunch.’”

We guess that makes sense since the show will be a reboot, which usually means there will be changes in the cast, but losing Eduardo is a tough pill to swallow, especially since around the time Foster’s Home was popular, he was one of the very few Latine animated characters on TV. Other Latine-themed cartoons at the time included Maya and Miguel, Handy Manny, and El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.

Let’s hope when McCracken delivers his rebooted show, he remembers that diversity goes a long way, especially in preschool entertainment. Who knows? Maybe the new series will have room for an Eduardo Jr.