Fred Armisen’s Spanish-Language Comedy Series ‘Los Espookys’ Is Coming Soon to HBO

Lead Photo: 'Portlandia' photo by Augusta Quirk. Courtesy of IFC
'Portlandia' photo by Augusta Quirk. Courtesy of IFC
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HBO looks to be continuing their relationship with former stars of Saturday Night Live. After finding success with Bill Hader’s series, Barry, the network just announced plans to bring Venezuelan-American comic star Fred Armisen’s Spanish-language series, Los Espookys to the small screen.

The series, which originally was created under the name Mexico City: Only Good Things Happen and is a half-hour comedy following five friends as they indulge their love of horror and try to make it profitable while living in a “strange and dreamy version of present-day Mexico City.” Armisen, who is writing and executive producing the series will have a role as Tico, the uncle to one of the characters, a valet driver living in Los Angeles. The show’s lead will be played by Brazilian actor Bernardo Velasco, while the rest of the friends include Mexican actress Cassandra Ciangherotti, Ana Fabrega and SNL writerĀ Julio Torres. Fabrega and Torres will also be writing the script and executive producing alongside Armisen. According to the pay channel’s publicistĀ Los Espookys will be available on both HBO and HBO Latino.

Armisen has a very distinct comedic style in his past works, including Portlandia and Documentary Now, are anything to go off of. The form SNL star has looked to further the role of Latino content, forming Mas Mejor Comedy Studios in 2016 as a means of bringing Latino comics and comedy to the mainstream. The plot of Los Espookys sounds offbeat, to say the least, but it sounds just bizarre enough to be compelling.

There’s no word on when Los Espookys will air on HBO.