Gael García Bernal to Cannes Red Carpet Reporters on Live TV: “Bonsoir Cabrones!”

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The world’s attention turned towards France this week with the grand opening of the opulent Cannes Film Festival. The red carpet rolled out on Wednesday to welcome celebrity attendees to a screening of Woody Allen’s Cafe Society. One of the megastars to climb the stairs of the majestic Festival Palace was Gael García Bernal (aka Remezcla’s boyfriend). As he made his way to the entrance, he was stopped by a Canal Plus correspondent for an impromptu interview. Gael proved that no language barrier will keep him from his charolastra ways by responding to the mundane question “How do you feel tonight?” with a bizarre mixture of Spanish and French: “Todo bien, todo bien, bonsoir (good evening) cabrones, ça va? (how’s it going?)” An unfortunate mixup ensued when Maïtena Biraben, the host back in the studio who doesn’t seem privy to the intricacies of Mexi-slang, opined, “We’ve been insulted live on the air, but Gael is such a charmer.”

Gael’s multilingual followers took to Twitter to show their (sarcastic) support.

Others found the misunderstanding to be humorous.

Gael didn’t let his red carpet gaffe slow him down though. After all, he was at the Cannes Film Festival to promote his newest movie. The Pablo Larraín-directed drama Neruda premiered Friday to thunderous applause and rave reviews.

[h/t: Le HuffPost]