Want to See Worldwide Sales of Latin American Movies? So do Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna

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Which is why they’re joining forces for the 2349085940th time to create a Latin film sales company. WEPA!!

As some fans may know, the Bromance known as Bernaluna* already own a production company together. Indiewire reports that their new company will be in partnership with a major distribution company called Mundial, which will focus on connecting US and Latin American film industries by representing at least ten Latin films a year. In fact, the new company already has three upcoming releases in their pipeline: “Manto Acuífero” by director Michael Rowe, Mariana Chenillo’s “Paradise” – a comedic love story follow-up to her debut “Nora’s Will,” and Luna’s second English-language directorial effort,”Mr. Pig.”

Typically, Latin American films are sold and distributed by boutique companies, so it’s exciting to see a bigger player come onto the scene. Hopefully this will increase their reach and break the films into new markets.

*Note: This is a lie. No one knows them as “Bernaluna” because it’s a word I just made up.  A girl can dream though.