When lifelong besties Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna aren’t sending each other encouraging tweets, they’re teaming up on new projects. The duo is embarking on a first-look deal with Amazon Studios, according to Deadline.

They are executive producing a four-hour dramatic series on Moctezuma II and Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortes. The series, currently dubbed Untitled Cortés and Moctezuma Project, is based on a lby Dalton Trumbo. Stephen Zaillan is writing the script for the show. We also know that Javier Bardem, who is also an executive producer, will star in the series. Presumably, he’ll play Cortés, considering his heritage.

Untitled Cortés and Moctezuma Project will be the first of several projects created and produced by Bernal and Luna’s Mexican production house, La Corriente del Golfo. The independent company will work on “cinematic, theatrical, and television productions and a variety of community-oriented projects.” In prepared statements, both actors mentioned their excitement at working with Amazon. Luna said the relationship will, “allow us to reach new audiences and to tell stories that represent us and reflect our realities.”

Right now it’s unknown whether either Bernal or Luna will star in the series or remain behind-the-scenes.