Gael Garcia Bernal Is Heading to the Cannes Film Festival and Your Computer Screen

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Nothing sends the Remezcla offices, writers and readers into a frenzy like Gael Garcia Bernal news — and we’ve got some good stuff for you. A few weeks ago we mentioned that commerce giant Amazon was jumping on the success of Netflix by developing their own series of original programming, one show being Mozart in the Jungle. It stars Gael as the new, eccentric, pony-tailed conductor of the fictional New York Symphony Orchestra, and follows the intrigue and behind-the-scenes shenanigans of sex, drugs and classical music. (WHO KNEW?) Much like the rating layout of Amazon, viewers were able to watch the pilots and vote for which should get produced into full series. We’re happy to report that Mozart in the Jungle has been officially greenlit! Check out the pilot here and get ready to kiss your social life goodbye.

In more Gael stalking news, we can now look forward to plenty of Gaelindura at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. He’ll be starring in film Ardor — playing an Amazonian shaman seeking revenge against deforesters for the kidnapping of his daughter — AND will also be appearing on the other side of the screen: as a judge. He was chosen as a Cannes jury member this year; he, alongside the eight member team will choose the Palm d’Or winner from amongst the 18 films in competition. Bernal becomes the tenth Mexican to be on the jury, with Alfonso Cuarón, Salma Hayek and Luis Buñuel sharing the duties before him. Not too shabby.