Gael Garcia Bernal is Winning Hearts in Sarajevo and Breaking Hearts on the Internet

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Over the weekend, Gael Garcia Bernal was honored at the Sarajevo Film Festival. As part of the opening ceremonies that marked the launch of the 20th annual festival in the Bosnian capital, Gael was awarded the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo (and probably the hearts of lots of the ladies in the audience) on Friday night. The presentation of the heart-shaped trophy was followed by an outdoor screening of the film that launched him to international stardom, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Amores Perros (2000).

In front of an audience of thousands at the festival’s open air cinema, Gael graciously accepted the award and apologized for being underdressed. He explained that after more than a full day of flights and stopovers, the airline lost his luggage and all he had to wear were the jeans he had on him. Despite being jetlagged (and probably cranky) he thanked the festivalgoers:

“Muchas gracias. It is very strange to be here because we are going to show Amores Perros, a film that was made when I was 19, which is 16 years ago. And it became this film that has been seen around the world. When we were making this film we never expected to show this film here, 16 years after with all you beautiful people. Hvala vam puno [Thank you very much].”

In other Gael news you may have missed, a few weeks back Calle 13 released a new music video for “Ojos Color Sol.” In René Pérez’s (a.k.a Residente) directorial debut, the cinematic clip features Gael Garcia Bernal and Spanish actress María Valverde kissing for what seems like forever (you can almost hear the sound of fan girl hearts breaking all across the American continent). Check out the almost three-minute-long smooch below.

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