With the the midterm election around the corner (November 6! Don’t forget!), everyone is chipping in to get out the vote. Especially the Latino vote. Take John Leguizamo. The self-described “ghetto klown” is phone banking hoping to get as many Latino voters (who are 13 percent of all eligible voters) out to the polls this upcoming Tuesday. Don’t believe us? See for yourself in this “Gente Primero” PSA, paid for by the Working Families Party. Sitting at a desk and armed only with his signature charm and a cellphone, the Latin History for Morons performer is making sure engaged and informed voters know what’s at stake.

To see him shuttle back and forth between English and Spanish (“Tell your cousins, your uncle, tu tía, tu abuela, el chismoso del vecino, el comemierda que conocías!”) is as hilarious as it sounds. Moreover, the Colombian-born New York City-raised actor hopes those on the other side of the call consider voting for those championing policies like Medicare for all, keeping families together, economic prosperity, a living wage, access to education, affordable housing, and stopping mass incarceration.

But in the end the message is simple: you’ve gotta put people first. And there’s no easier way of doing that than to mobilize on election day and vote. As he reminds a caller, “Vote like your life depended on it!”

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