‘Gentefied’ Season 2 Trailer Promises a Fight That Will Define This Family

Lead Photo: Netflix
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“I’m at this point in my life where I choose to be with the ones who choose me,” says Ana Morales (Karrie Martin Lachney) in the newly dropped trailer for season two of Gentefied.

The Netflix dramedy is back for a sophomore season next month and from the looks of the trailer it’s gonna be fantástico. We last left the Morales familia with a grande loose end. Casimiro ‘Pop’ Morales (Joaquín Cosio) had been picked up by the police, but the cousins didn’t know that yet. Well, they will soon in season 2 and it could be a big problem for everyone. The trailer indicates he may be even deported. 

The season two trailer also hints at trouble for new parents Erik (Joseph Julian Soria) and Lidia (Annie Gonzalez). “I just think that maybe we need some space,” says Lidia in the trailer. 

Not having trouble in the love department is Chris Morales (Carlos Santos). He is smitten over a bold woman who runs a food truck. Shots of the two of them in bed make us think there is heat coming from more than the kitchen. Amor also looks to hit Pops. He and Lupe (Alma Martinez) are lovey-dovey in Mama Fina’s. “Damn, y’all are freaks!”

This season also looks like we will get to finally meet and see more of Chris’s dad, Ernesto (Manuel Uriza). You may remember he was a big presence in season one even though we never saw him. Well, it looks like we will get our fair share of Pop’s son in season 2. 

Take the time now to binge season one now. More info can be found at . Season two of Gentefied drops on Wednesday, November 10.