Get a Glimpse of Pixar’s New ‘Coco’-Inspired Short Film ‘A Day in the Life of the Dead’

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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A collection of short, animated films from Pixar are making their debut on Disney+ this week, including one that features characters from the 2017 Oscar-winning animated film Coco.

The nine shorts, collectively titled Pixar Popcorn, feature brand new stories starring characters like Ducky and Bunny from Toy Story 4, Baby Jack-Jack and Dash from The Incredibles 2 and Héctor and Mamá Imelda from Coco.

The Coco short is called A Day in the Life of the Dead. Although the plot has not been revealed, a title like A Day in the Life of the Dead gives the impression that audiences will be spending most of the film in the Land of the Dead and not with Miguel and his living family.

In the trailer for Pixar Popcorn, we get quick shots from each of the “bite-sized stories.” The scenes from the Coco short feature Héctor and Mamá Imelda dancing in the streets, but also give some screen time to the skeleton arrivals agent (Octavio Solis) in the original movie who loses his jawbone when he sees that Miguel has crossed the marigold bridge with his family (“Anything to declare?”).

You also see the arrivals agent losing his jawbone again, this time while answering the phone. He quickly reattaches it. Later, he loses it again, this time when he’s taking a big bite out of a piece of cortadillo (Mexican pink cake). He tries to tape it back to his face but is unsuccessful.

Someone should probably tell him there are no restrooms in the Land of the Dead.

Pixar Popcorn premieres on Disney+ Jan. 22.