Trailer: Gimme The Power, A documentary about Molotov by Olallo Rubio

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The emergence of Mexico City’s rap rock quartet Molotov is quite a peculiar one. 1995 was a time of intense political change where Mexico’s ruling party, PRI, leftist guerrilla insurgency, EZLN, and the establishment of Operation Gatekeeper (the 2,000 mile fence between US and Mexico, catalyzing the number of deaths for undocumented border crossers) were shaking up the country’s social and political order. The majority of the unprivileged citizens lost complete reliance on the government and its media outlets for its history of censoring corruptions, consistently lying about number of deaths, and sensationalizing the current state as a progressive one, when in fact, it was quite the opposite since decades back (e.g. 1968 student movement that eventually lead to the massacre of Talelolco, Mexico City’s 1985 earthquake resulting in 10,000 deaths — largely blamed on the gov for pocketing the money that should have been used for sturdy infrastructures).

Reflecting that spirit, an increasingly number of artists rose to the scene to galvanize the streets of Mexico City and challenge power. As in the case with Molotov. Gimme The Power, deriving the name off the unreserved classic “Gimme Tha Power,” is Olallo Rubio‘s promising, upcoming documentary that portrays this moment in time, and how this outspoken group’s music served as a vehicle of resistance. In the end, it became more about rock music than anything else, but it definitely sparked massive debates.

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