Gina Rodriguez to Star in Netflix’s Live-Action ‘Carmen Sandiego’ Movie

Lead Photo: Gina Rodriguez in 'Jane the Virgin's "Episode Fifty-Six." Courtesy of The CW
Gina Rodriguez in 'Jane the Virgin's "Episode Fifty-Six." Courtesy of The CW
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Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Well, apparently, she can be found at Netflix. The streaming giant is doubling down on their commitment to bring the red trenchcoat-wearing super thief to audiences with the announcement that Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez will play the character in a live-action feature.

This standalone adventure film isn’t to be confused with the animated children’s series about Carmen Sandiego Netflix announced at the beginning of last year, also set to star Rodriguez as the character’s voice. There’s been no movement on the animated cartoon series since that first announcement, although it is still scheduled for release sometime in 2019. There is currently no director or screenwriter attached to this new film, nor has there been a plot released though it’s assumed that, like the popular ’90s series it will follow someone looking to stop the Carmen Sandiego once and for all. Additionally, a new book series from Houghton Mifflin will also be released next year to coincide with both properties.

Rodriguez is just brimming with different projects, especially if the rumors hold out that her Golden Globe-winning role as Jane Villenueva on the CW series will come to a close next season. Rodriguez has been capturing audiences’ attention with her role in Alex Garland’s Annihilation; she’s also working on various series including producing a Wonder Years-esque drama about a family of undocumented immigrants.

Carmen Sandiego was an enigmatic presence throughout the ’90s, a character who permeated children’s television, books, and the rise of the personal computer (those games remain fantastic). Rodriguez is perfect for the role. Though the character may have initially been based on actress Carmen Miranda, Rodriguez brings both an effervescent whimsy as well as proven abilities to be villainous if she has to be. Considering how Netflix is already putting her in multiple projects starring the character they seem to have faith both in the character’s continued immortality as well as Rodriguez’s star power.