Gloria Trevi Is Headed to SXSW for U.S. Premiere of her Biopic

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A biopic based on the crazy life of Mexican pop icon Gloria Trevi was announced more than a year ago and after opening in Mexican theaters on January 1, it is finally headed to the States. The film, titled Gloria, will have its U.S. premiere at SXSW and even though she lambasted the project, calling it “unauthorized” less than a year ago (and even threatened legal action), she’s now headed to the fest to promote it. The scandalous recording artist will participate in an in-depth onstage interview on Tuesday, March 17 at 5:00PM. Later that same day, she’ll make an appearance on the red carpet ahead of the screening. We’re hoping she shows up looking like this.

Directed by Swiss newcomer Christian Keller and starring Sofía Espinosa and Marco Pérez, the film focuses on the more salacious details of Trevi’s relationship with music producer, composer and lover Sergio Andrade. Naturally, the meat of the story lies on the harem of underage girls Andrade was purported to have kidnapped, brainwashed and impregnated with Trevi’s full knowledge, and the media circus that followed in the wake of its discovery.

Kicking off with an idyllic and innocent “road to fame” narrative, the trailer shows us how a chance meeting between Andrade and the ambitious, unapologetic Trevi (played with striking resemblance by Espinosa) led to the rise of Latin America’s rebellious pop-rockera. Things go south around the 1:20 mark when Andrade starts revealing himself as a violent and controlling psychopath, tossing around Trevi like a rag doll while engaging in a much more sinister brand of psychological abuse.