Fans of Mexican director Guillermo del Toro will now have something new to cross off their bucket list: watching a del Toro movie in a theater that bears his name. At the upcoming Guadalajara Film Festival, set to take place from March 9 to 16, The Shape of Water director will be at the opening ceremony of the Cineteca FICG‘s new theater named after him.

Guadalajara is del Toro’s hometown and it’s hoped that the theater ceremony will be the culmination of a fruitful week for the fantasy filmmaker. The Shape of Water is up for 13 Academy Awards at the event scheduled to take place Sunday. Ivan Trujillo, director of the Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara (FICG) told Variety he hopes that, “[del Toro will] have a few Oscars in tow.”

Del Toro has definitely had an insane year with the release of The Shape of Water (and subsequent allegations of plagiarism) and its Oscar chances. Del Toro is a massive film fan so opening a movie theater is the perfect intersection of film and filmmaker. One can only imagine the themed events the theater could put on in honor of its namesake.

The ceremony to open the new Guillermo del Toro theater takes place March 10, 2018.