‘Half Brothers’ Trailer Reunites Estranged Siblings From Opposite Sides of the Border

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Focus Features.
Photo courtesy of Focus Features.
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Imagine finding out you have a sibling you never knew existed. Now imagine that sibling has grown up in an entirely different culture and country than you.

That’s the situation Mexican aviation executive Renato (Luis Gerardo Méndez of TV’s Club de Cuervos) finds himself in when he discovers he has a half-brother who lives in the United States.

In the trailer for the new dramedy Half Brothers, viewers are introduced to Renato as a child as he watches his father leave for America to find work only to never return. Years later, Renato gets a call saying that his father is ill and would like to see him before he dies.

Reluctant to visit him because he feels he abandoned his family, Renato travels to the U.S. where he meets his eccentric brother Asher (Connor Del Rio of TV’s This Isn’t Working). Determined for both his sons not only to bond but to understand why he never returned to Mexico, their father plans a road trip for them to take to learn the truth together.

“My father’s last wish is for me to go on a scavenger hunt with the brother I never knew I had,” Renato says.

Based on the trailer, Half Brothers looks like a misadventure with heart. In one scene, Renato wakes up from a nap to find Asher running toward him with a stolen goat (cabrito, anyone?) in hand and angry farmers in hot pursuit. In another, the two brothers get into some trouble at a bar when Asher loses a game of pool and doesn’t have the money to pay his debt.

Despite all the comedic antics, the film looks like it might be a sincere glimpse into a developing relationship between brothers who need each other. Will Renato and Asher find the answers they are looking for? More importantly, how much screen time is the goat going to get?

Half Brothers will open in theaters December 4, 2020.