‘The Last of Us’ Confirms Premiere Date & Shares Chilling Official Poster

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube/HBO
Courtesy of Youtube/HBO
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The release of HBO’s The Last of Us feels closer than it ever has before. On Wednesday (November 2), the premiere date for the highly anticipated series was officially announced along with the release of its first official poster.

The Last of Us will premiere on HBO and HBO Max on January 15, 2023. It’s the same date most fans believed would be the date announced since someone inadvertently posted it on the show’s official page Tuesday (November 1) and then immediately took it down. Hey, mistakes happen. Don’t send the employee into a room full of Clickers.

Based on the 2013 PlayStation video game of the same name, The Last of Us is set in a post-apocalyptic America and follows Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal), a smuggler tasked to safely escort a 14-year-old girl named Ellie Williams (Bella Ramsey) out of a quarantined area filled with humans infected by a mutating fungal virus.

In the poster, Joel and Ellie are seen walking through a city that looks like it’s part of a war zone. There are abandoned vehicles lining the street, crumbling buildings and overgrown vegetation. In the foreground, the title of the series is printed in big, bold, white letters and is sort of reminiscent of the crawl lettering at the beginning of each Star Wars movie. The parasitic fungus that is turning everyone into zombie-like creatures can be seen crawling up the street and over the title towards Joel and Ellie.

Now that the official premiere date is known, we guess the only next logical thing to do is start an official countdown. Mark your calendars. The Last of Us is coming.