HBO Isn’t Making Us Choose Between ‘The Last of Us’ & Super Bowl LVII — Here’s How

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube/HBO
Courtesy of Youtube/HBO
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If you’re a fan of professional football and of the hit series The Last of Us starring Pedro Pascal, you were probably wondering what you were going to do come Sunday (February 12) when Super Bowl LVII was on at the same time as the fifth episode of HBO’s post-apocalyptic drama.

Would you watch the Super Bowl live and catch The Last of Us after the big game was over? Or would you choose Joel and Ellie over the Eagles and the Chiefs?

HBO didn’t seem to mind going head-to-head with the Grammy Awards this past Sunday (February 5) and will likely do the same when its series finale airs on the same Sunday as the Academy Awards air next month (March 12).

The network, however, wasn’t about to compete with a sporting event that garnered more than 99 million viewers last year.

So, this past weekend, HBO announced that instead of following a normal schedule for episode 5, The Last of Us will premiere early on HBO Max and HBO On Demand starting Friday (February 10) at 9 p.m. EST. Then, it will also have its regular showtime on Sunday (February 12).

For the remaining four episodes after that, the series will continue to air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.

The most devoted fans of the hit series didn’t seem to care about HBO’s announcement besides the fact that they’re going to get to see the next episode early.

The Last of Us is so beloved, an actual zombie apocalypse could happen, and they would still watch the series without fail. Until then, here’s the preview for episode 5.