Here’s How to Watch Diego Luna Star as ‘Casanova’ in Amazon’s New Pilot Right Now

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Sure, Diego Luna and charolastra BFF Gael García Bernal are perhaps best known for their boyish smiles and seductive, penetrating eyes, but truth is that the co-founders of Ambulante and the Canana production house are a lot more than just pretty faces: they are actors, cultural promotors, directors, businessmen, and producers, and word on the street is that they can hold down a pretty intelligent conversation, too. Which is why Diego Luna seems like such a stellar fit for director Jean Pierre Jeunet’s (Amelie) first foray into digital television, Casanova.

That’s because Europe’s most famous 18th-century Lothario fancied himself as much more than just a pretty face and a set of burning loins. Indeed, Giacomo Casanova was a sort of late-model renaissance man, steeped in learning, well traveled, and deeply cultured. But as Amazon Prime is set to show us in the latest addition to their original programming docket, Casanova was still far better at sexual conquest than the diverse intellectual pursuits he wished had actually defined him.

We’re assuming the same isn’t true for Mr. Luna, who also sits on the Board of Directors for the Washington Office on Latin America, but the lifelong actor shouldn’t have too much trouble convincing us otherwise. This should be fun a ride.

Casanova’s pilot is now live! Watch it on Amazon Instant Video for free.