‘Heroes of Lucha Libre’ Set To Mix Traditional Mexican Wrestling With a Comic Book Spin

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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If high-impact lucha libre wrestling is what you crave this holiday season, content creators at the streaming service Crackle Plus, have something to pile(drive) onto your plate just in time for Thanksgiving.

On Nov. 25, Crackle will debut Heroes of Lucha Libre, an original Mexican wrestling scripted series starring various professional luchadores like Rey Mysterio Jr., Mil Mascaras, Tinieblas Jr., Alushe, Dragon Lee and Blue Demon.

The 11-part series gives the cultural tradition of lucha libre a contemporary spin by honoring the sport while incorporating a comic-book storyline into the show.

“I grew up watching these heroes with my grandfather in Mexico,” said producer Alejandro Ortiz in a statement. “Now, I want to share all those emotions and admiration with the world and help to inspire future generations.”

Producer Joaquin Vodanovich added: “Lucha libre tradition has been in our culture for over 100 years and we want to honor that heritage in the way it deserves.”

Fans of lucha libre wrestling were quick to comment when Crackle recently made the announcement about its new show. Twitter user @desiccatedveins compared it to another lucha libre show and joked if the series would lead up to something bigger – maybe around the same time the current President finally leaves office.

Heroes of Lucha Libre…seems like it’s a Lucha Underground-like leaning into the narrative and superhero aspects of lucha libre, and also seems like an Infinity War-style story culminating in luchadores vs. Trump?”