Hola Mexico Film Fest Guide

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Fourteen of the finest recent films from Mexico will be showcased as part of the Hola Mexico Film Festival at Chicago’s Landmark Century Theater  this week. The HMFF is the biggest Mexican film festival outside of Mexican borders.The festival opens Friday, June 19th and runs through Thursday, June 25th- and since Chicago is not used to this number of overwhelmingly good Mexican films all at once, we took the liberty to break it down for you and even give out some FREE tix to the opening night festivities and the festival’s official afterparty.

Mexican films have been making their rounds in the U.S, but most notably are limited to productions by a couple of brilliant men, self-dubbed as the “tres amigos” (Guillermo de Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu). This festival looks to broaden the talents that are coming from Mexican cinema by introducing American audiences to a whole new pool of directors that have already made their presence felt in Mexico. Films will range from box office hits such as Arrancame La Vida and Otra Pelicula De Huevos y Una Gallina, documentaries (Ladrones Viejos) and award winning features including Lake Tahoe and Voy A Explotar, as well as relatively unknown films (I’ll Migliori Sentimenti) and laugh-out-loud comedies like Conozca la Cabeza De Juan Perez.

Check out Samuel Douek’s (the man behind the HMFF) personal picks of Remezcla friendly films.

40 Dias
A simple story about a complex relationship. Three Mexicans travel across the USA; their journey affecting them in different ways as they explore the sometimes beautiful and sometimes somber American landscape.”

Aurora Boreal
It is 1994 and Mariano, tormented fourteen year old boy, has decided to commit suicide. He leaves behind his testimony; a videotape explaining to the world the reasons he had to do this. Filmed in point of view, the audience is taken on a journey through the eyes of Mariano.

Conozca la Cabeza de Juan Perez
This comedy is set against the backdrop of not-so-typical Mexican Circus. Juan Perez The Magician tries to revive the glory of the fading circus by stealing 16th century guillotine for use in the final act. What he doesn’t know is that it also carries a deadly curse.

Ladrones Viejos

This documentary examines a generation of real-life thieves who were famous in the 1960’s Mexico for their exploits and the wild success they enjoyed in the process. Director Everardo Gonzalez paints a chilling yet humorous portrait of the Mexican criminal underground.

Feel free to post  your personal reviews on Remezcla after you overdose on Mexican films during the week!