Netflix Renews ‘La Casa de las Flores’ For Multiple Seasons

Lead Photo: 'La Casa de las Flores' still courtesy of Netflix
'La Casa de las Flores' still courtesy of Netflix
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Calling all fans of the De La Mora family. If you couldn’t get enough of La casa de las flores (The House of Flowers), the Verónica Castro-starring comedic melodrama about a seemingly perfect family slowly unraveling after a woman commits suicide in their eponymous house of flowers, we have some good news for you. The telenovela-inspired Netflix series that introduced the world to Gael’s half-brother, Dario, and spawned countless memes is coming back in 2019 for a second season. And then in 2020 for a third one.

Showrunner and creator Manolo Caro shared the news at a press conference in Colombia (and not much else). In a video that Caro shared on Twitter, the show’s narrator, Roberta (Claudette Maillé) teases “incomplete stories.” Roberta runs down some of the most dramatic moments in the 35-second clip, leaving us with one final thought: “Where are you Virgina de la Mora? There are many secrets I want to tell you.”

In August, Castro said she didn’t see herself reprising the role. “This character’s journey is over,” she told Quién. “What else do people want to see of her? Maybe they want to see her, but I don’t anymore.” About a week later, Caro further crushed our dreams when he told Forbes Mexico that Castro was done with the show, and that if a second season was happening, it’d focus on her children.

And while the show – which is big hit in Mexico, where it’s set – may not bring us mota-loving Virginia back to the screens, it will not be wanting for future storylines. In between failed open relationships, broken marriages, tax fraud scandals, weed-dealing operations gone awry, and drag cabarets turned strip joints, there was enough in the show’s first season to keep fans wanting more. We can’t wait to see what the De La Mora clan get up to in the next few years. And more importantly, what they’ll wear and sing along to while they do.

The first season of La casa de las flores is currently streaming on Netflix.