Netflix is expanding its Club de Cuervos universe and just in time for a soccer-heavy summer season. This coming June, following Mexico’s very first World Cup match against Germany, fans of Chava and the gang will get a chance to see the show’s spinoff La Balada de Hugo SánchezFollowing fan favorite Hugo (Jesús Zavala) as he gets the most important mission since being named Chava’s personal assistant, this new series (the very first spinoff in Netflix’s history) has him leading the Cuervos as they aim to win the Torneo “Duelo de las aves” in Nicaragua.

As if that alone wasn’t complicated enough, Hugo will have to face his mother, Luna, who’s intent on her son taking over the family business. Something tells us, though, that baby-faced Hugo would rather stay in the world of soccer rather than spend his life selling coffins. “I know fans will enjoy it as much as those of us who are involved with the project,” Zavala noted, “I’m very excited!”

Meanwhile, season four of Club de Cuervos began filming last week and should be hitting Netflix soon.

La balada de Hugo Sánchez premieres June 17, 2018 on Netflix.