Aspiring Chef Leaves Love Behind To Pursue Dream in Trailer for ‘I Carry You With Me’

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures
Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures
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The U.S. trailer for the award-winning U.S./Mexico drama I Carry You with Me (Te Llevo Conmigo) recently debuted online after a successful run through the festival circuit this year. In January, the film won the Audience Award: Next and the Next Innovator Award at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

I Carry You with Me tells the story of Iván (Armando Espitia), an aspiring chef living in Mexico who is doing everything he can to help support his young son by working as a busboy in a restaurant. One evening, Iván meets Gerardo (Christian Vazquez), a handsome, gay teacher, at a club and the two hit it off immediately and start a romance.

In the trailer, the happiness Iván and Gerardo share with one another exudes from the screen, which brims with beauty created by cinematographer Juan Pablo Ramírez (Chicuarotes). They exchange glances and smiles and kiss in front of a pink and greyish blue sky.

Their relationship is short-lived when it creates conflict and impacts Iván’s ability to see his son. Losing hope, he decides to cross the border to pursue his dream of working in the culinary arts. He says goodbye to his son and Gerardo and promises them he will return.

A quote from Remezcla is also included in the trailer: “A devastatingly moving piece of innovative cinema.”

The trailer wraps with a view of the real-life Iván creating intricate dishes in the kitchen. It will make audiences wonder: Does Iván make his dreams come true, and did he have to sacrifice his relationship with his son and Gerardo to make it happen?