ICYMI: Get Caught Up With 'Metastasis' the Colombian Remake of 'Breaking Bad'

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Back in June, Univision and its sister channels, Unimas and Galavision, started airing the Colombian remake of Breaking Bad. We’ve been talking about this show for more than a year, but after a long wait, Metastasis is finally here. In case you missed the first episodes, here’s a primer to help you catch up.

Meet the cast

Diego Trujillo as Walter Blanco (from White to Blanco, get it?)

Roberto Urbina as José Miguel Rosas (He was Jesse, now’s he Jose.)

Julián Arango as Walter’s brother-in-law Henry Navarro (He used to be Hank.)

Sandra Reyes as Walter’s wife Cielo Blanco (In gringo, that’s pronounced Skylar.)

Diego Garzón as Walter Blanco Jr.

Conny Camelo as María Navarro

In the lead up to its premiere, Univision had said that Metastasis would be faithful to both the original and to its Bogotá locale. How? For starters, watch the trailer…

[insert-video youtube=PoH2gu7snwc]

So, yeah. It’s pretty much exactly the same as Breaking Bad except for a few details.

What’s different?

The RV that Walter and Jesse cook meth in, is now an old school bus.

Walter White/Walter Blanco is a Chemistry teacher at a private school instead of a public school.

Saul Goodman/Saul Bueno hosts a legal advice TV show instead of owning a law office that operates out of a strip mall. Also, he kinda looks like Walter Mercado.

There’s no swimming pool is this version, cause that’s just not a thing in Bogota.

The Salamanca cousins are still scary killers, they’re just played by different actors this time.

And the best part is that the Colombian remake will cram all six years worth of action and drama into three months, with episodes airing daily, just like your mom’s favorite novela. So, now that you’re all caught up, go forth and watch.