After the recent announcement that Anthony Ramos would be leading the cinematic adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Tony-award winning show In the Heights, Miranda himself announced that actors all over the world will be getting their shot to join the production.

In a Tweet posted to Twitter last night, Miranda tagged co-producer Quiara A. Hudes to announce the worldwide casting search. The accompanying link Miranda includes takes you to the movie’s talent page where a video shows Miranda briefly rapping about how you can join the production of the movie. “It’s happening,” Miranda declares as he lays out that the film will start shooting between spring and summer of 2019. The website itself lists audition sides for four roles, two female and two male, with details on how to send in your audition tape. For all four roles the need to sing and dance “well” are mentioned, and “familiarity with speaking Spanish is ideal.”

In the Heights tells the story of a bodega owner named Usnavi who decides to leave his New York hometown and close his store after inheriting some money. Warner Bros. is the studio putting out the adaptation, paying $50 million for the privilege.

So if you think you’ve got the pipes to audition to be in Miranda’s In the Heights, definitely do so! With so many Latino actors being vocal about the limited opportunities to audition for major films, it’s amazing that Miranda is giving anyone the chance via online submissions. All you need is an iPhone and you can have the chance! It’s unclear whether this casting call is for major supporting roles in the production or just bit parts, but the fact that the door is open is wonderful.

In the Heights hits theaters on June 26, 2020.