Now in Theaters: La Camioneta, The Journey of One American Schoolbus

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Attention Nueva York City docunerds! Check out this Guatemalan documentary film, playing en Brooklyn starting este Friday (and coming soon to L.A. and San Diego). Winner of an IDA Documentary Award, and an official selection of the SXSW, Los Angeles, and Guadalajara Film Festivals, La Camioneta is only playing for a week so, no te lo pierdas.

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La Camioneta: The Journey of One American School Bus
Director: Mark Kendall
Country: USA, Guatemala
Language: Spanish with English subtitles

SYNOPSIS: Every day dozens of decommissioned school buses leave the United States on a southward migration that carries them to Guatemala, where they are repaired, repainted, and resurrected as the brightly colored camionetas that bring the vast majority of Guatemalans to work each day. Since 2006, nearly 1,000 camioneta drivers and fare collectors have been murdered for either refusing or being unable to pay the extortion money demanded by local Guatemalan gangs. La Camioneta follows one such bus on its transformative journey: a journey between North and South, between life and death, and through an unfolding collection of moments, people, and places that serve to quietly remind us of the interconnected worlds in which we live.

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Brooklyn, NY
May 31 – June 6
reRun Theater

Los Angeles, CA
June 7-13
Downtown Independent
San Diego, CA
July 2-7
Digital Gym