Here’s Your First Look at Kate del Castillo in ‘Ingobernable’ Season 2

Lead Photo: 'Ingobernable' season 2. Courtesy of Netflix
'Ingobernable' season 2. Courtesy of Netflix
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True her brand as a defiant woman involved in controversial political disputes, both on-screen and off, Kate del Castillo returns as Emilia Urquiza, Mexico’s first lady-turned-wanted criminal, for a second season of Netflix’s Spanish-language drama series Ingobernable. A slew of new actors join this new chapter in the thrilling saga, while the characters who survived the first season are back.

In anticipation of its fall release, Netflix dropped a compelling teaser. Drizzled with hefty amounts of intrigue, shootouts, and corruption, the trailer shows Urquiza getting arrested by federal police and questioned by the press about her involvement in president Diego Nava’s murder. Speaking directly to the camera, the fierce protagonist confesses to the violent deed.

Del Castillo has had her own conflict with the Mexican government following the highly publicized meeting with infamous narco El Chapo and fellow actor Sean Penn, making her role in this series often feel like a fictional extension of her real-life struggles. The actress has become a go-to performer for non-traditional female roles since her work in Telemundo’s novela La Reina del Sur.

Oscar-nominated Mexican director Carlos Carrera (El crimen del Padre Amaro), Argentine filmmaker Lucia Puenzo (Wakolda), and box-office charmer Pedro Pablo Ibarra (A la Mala), will helm the new episodes. High caliber talent behind the camera is definitely a good sign of what to expect, both dramatically and visually.

In a mere 25 seconds, this sharply edited clip packs in enough action to showcase its high production value and the difficult subjects it will address.

Season two of Ingobernable debuts September 14, 2018 on Netflix.