Kate del Castillo Fears Arrest in Mexico, Netflix Considers Hologram for ‘Ingobernable’ Premiere

Lead Photo: Miami Premiere of 'Ingobernable.' Photo Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Netflix
Miami Premiere of 'Ingobernable.' Photo Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Netflix
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At this point, Kate del Castillo‘s own life rivals that of her on-screen characters. She’s currently promoting her latest series, Netflix’s Ingobernable where she plays the First Lady of Mexico, Emilia Urquiza, whose world unravels following the mysterious death of her husband who she was about to divorce! The series is the streaming service’s next big gamble in Mexico-focused programming following Club de Cuervos and looks to do for Los Pinos what House of Cards did to the White House. Only, of course, with plenty more intrigue, a subplot set in Tepito, and a high-caliber multinational ensemble. The Reina del sur actress is not only joined by Mexicans Erik Hayser and Eréndira Ibarra but by Cuban Canek Lagos, Spain’s Maxi Iglesias and Colombia’s Diego Cadavid, all of whom make Ingobernable quite the prestige gamble.

On Wednesday, del Castillo looked stunning as usual at the Colony Theater in Miami for the US premiere. Following a screening of the show’s thrilling first episode (which ends in quite the cliffhanger), cast and crew of the show headed to an after-party at the ultramodern Juvia restaurant. Additional guests included Latina talent from other Netflix shows like Dascha Polanco, Jackie Cruz, and Selenis Leyva from Orange is the New Black and One Day at a Time‘s Justina Machado.

But given the show’s homegrown feel, Ingobernable is also set to have a premiere screening in Mexico City on March 22. Just don’t expect Kate to show up. Her involvement in El Chapo’s saga a few years back continues to haunt her. Allegedly, she’s unwilling to set foot in Mexico for fear she’ll face an arrest and possible jail time over the whole meeting with the drug lord and bringing Sean Penn along while authorities were on El Chapo’s tail.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Kate del Castillo story without its own salacious twist. TMZ reports that Netflix execs were actually looking into the costs of creating a hologram of the actress to attend the event. An actual hologram. How baller would that be? If we’re placing bets though, we’d wager those at next week’s screening will have to make do with a Skype (or worse yet, pre-taped!) greeting from del Castillo. Maybe it’ll be something akin to message the fictional President Nava and his wife Emilia sent the Mexican people on for Christmas.

Miami Premiere of ‘Ingobernable.’ Photo credit: Alexander Tamargo/Netflix
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Ingobernable drops on Netflix March 24, 2017.