Cashflow Update: Inocente Documentary

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Last month we hipped you all to Inocente, a documentary project by filmmaking duo Sean and Andrea Fine in need of funding. This film portrays the story of Inocente Izucar, a young, undocumented immigrant who struggles with homelessness as she pursues her artistic ambitions in San Diego.

We’re happy to report that since publishing our article, John Leguizamo came on board as an executive producer of the Inocente documentary, which aired as a primetime special on MTV last Friday. Leguizamo spoke about his involvement in the project with The Hollywood Reporter, stating:

“Some actors like Sean Penn are very political in their lives and I admire that. But a lot of people won’t do it because of the backlash…I wish Latin athletes, actors, producers who have so much power would do more. I don’t hear them speaking up enough about an issue like immigration.”

The exposure from MTV’s involvement has not only helped put a face on the issues facing undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as young children, it has also given Inocente a valuable platform to promote her artistic career. Since the film was made, she has obtained legal status and sold her art pieces in several cities around the country. She has now been living on her own in San Diego for the last seven months.

Looking toward the future, Inocente sees no limits to what she can achieve. She shared some of her dreams in an interview with Teen Vogue, telling the magazine “I still want to do art, but I want to go to college to study sign language and join the circus. Those are my goals.”

Wherever she ends up, we expect big things from this vibrant young woman.