Is ‘How to Make it in America’ Making a Comeback?

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Remember How to Make it in America? Creator Ian Edelman’s 16-episode HBO series may have received unfavorable comparisons to shows like Entourage, and was ultimately canned after only two seasons, but for those of us who don’t exactly see our lives reflected in the unapologetically white, upper-middle class world views of shows like Girls, How to Make it in America was a breath of fresh air. I mean, what’s more New York than a Jew and a Dominican hustling their way to the top of the world with nothing more than raw ambition and loads of street smarts?

But alas, HTMIIA didn’t quite pass the test. Critical reception was divided on Edelman’s saga of two NY homies struggling to create a denim empire while Luis Guzmán hawks a rasta-themed energy drink, and even the show’s critical cheerleaders admitted that it was a bit rough around the edges. Nevertheless, New Yorkers and urban hustlers from across the country were disappointed to see their show — our show — go the way of Life on Mars and other forgettable televisual endeavors. Honestly, what series doesn’t take a season or two to really hit its stride?

Well, thanks to the highly unverifiable world of social media chisme, we have reason to believe that a third season may be in the works; or at least that stars Victor Rasuk and Bryan Greenberg are lobbying Edelman to give his baby one more shot at the spotlight.

Behold 140 characters of vaguely decipherable netspeak that may just signal the return of one of the realest shows to hit pay-cable in a generation: