The talented Mexican filmmaker Issa López will be directing the film Our Lady of Tears, based on Daniel Hernandez’s Vox piece, “The Haunting of Girlstown.” The piece focuses on a 2007 epidemic, rooted in spirituality and the supernatural, that physically and emotionally terrorized students at an all-girls boarding school in Chalco, Mexico.

Production company Blumhouse, responsible for recent horror hits like Us, Fantasy Island and The Purge franchise, is partnering with Epic Media to spearhead the project. And if you’ve watched López’s latest supernatural work, Tigers Are Not Afraid, you’ll know she’s the perfect director to take on this story.

“The moment I read the Epic article, I knew I wanted to tell this story. I myself attended a Catholic school in Mexico City. I grew up on a steady diet of supernatural visitations and miracles, and of the real life horrors that young girls who grow up in poverty face every day in Mexico, and around the world. Having the chance to tell that story with Jason and his team, producers of such socially incisive genre classics like Get Out, and of so many true horror gems, is a huge privilege. I couldn’t be more excited about this movie,” said López in a statement, according to Deadline.