We’ve laughed and we’ve cried alongside Gina Rodriguez‘s Jane Gloriana Villanueva. And next season we’ll have to say goodbye as executive producer Brad Silberling announced that Jane the Virgin will end next year after five seasons.

Really, the writing was on the wall last month when, during a Women to Watch panel at SXSW, Gina Rodriguez let it slip that the show would conclude next year. She quickly retracted those statements. Earlier she’d been asked whether the series would hit 100 episodes – a goal for any future syndication – and she wouldn’t answer. Silberling confirmed the series would end at 100 episodes, implying that next season will be at least 19 episodes. Silberling went on to say that showrunner Jennie Synder Urman always envisioned the show ending at 100 episodes and that “it was exactly as it was laid out.” While he wouldn’t get into specifics of where we can expect Jane and company to end up he described season five as “wonderful” and “bittersweet but perfect.”

Though the series had high ratings this season, especially when its star took a turn behind the camera, many felt the show never quite hit its stride after last season’s abrupt killing of Brett Dier’s Michael and mid-season course correction. Also, actress Gina Rodriguez is showing her desire to branch out more. She’s set to star in multiple incarnations of Carmen Sandiego for Netflix, is producing a string of television series for various networks, and is starring in features like Alex Garland’s Annihilation and an upcoming remake of Miss Bala. Jane the Virgin may have given her a Golden Globe, but after five seasons it’s time to see Rodriguez dominate other parts of entertainment. As much as we all love Jane, it’s exciting to see where everyone will go from here. And we still have a year to reminisce and fall in love with Jane all over again before we have to part ways forever.

Jane the Virgin‘s season four finale airs Friday on the CW.