For as long as she could remember Jane Gloriana Villenueva wanted to be a published author, and on the last season of the popular CW series Jane the Virgin she finally received the opportunity. And on November 14 fans of the show can pick up the actual book Jane has been working on.

Snow Falling is a historical romance set in 1902 Miami. Audiences will recall Jane (Gina Rodriguez) has fantasized about her life in context to the book, making Rafael (Justin Baldoni) a shady villain and her the spunky heroine. The novel was also Jane’s attempt to get some closure over the loss of her husband Michael (Brett Dier).

Snow Falling is being published via Adams Media, a Simon & Schuster imprint, under the name of fictional publishing house Lorden + Gregor. Series creator Jennie Snyder Urman says she’s “thrilled” to have the book published and can’t wait for audiences to become enmeshed in what’s described as an “epic love story” not unlike the series itself.

Snow Falling hits store shelves and Amazon on November 14, 2017.