John Leguizamo Pilot Ordered By ABC

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With news of J-Lo’s partnering with Latino Nuvo TV and George Lopez producing another Latino family sitcom early last year,  it’s clear that Latinos in Hollywood are ready to showcase our culture and fill a void that’s been obvious in prime time television.

One of our favorite funny men John Leguizamo has been in the biz for years, and now he’s ready to step up to the plate with a 30 minute family sitcom that will share a story that so many Latinos in our country to relate to.

The recently ordered untitled ABC project will be loosely based around the life of John Leguizamo, and will feature him as a father and husband who feels out of place in the Upper West Side. It centers around his move from the Bronx for his privileged wife, and how his kids deal with the culture shock. And, of course, it’s not a real Latino sitcom without a Latina mother and grandfather telling you how you should live your life to keep close to Latino traditions.(Not from personal experience or anything…)

We look forward to seeing another Latin family on prime time television! What do you think of this sitcom pilot? Will it be picked up?