Latin Films @ Frameline36 SF LGBT Film Festival

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This year’s Frameline36: the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival will not disappoint. The world’s oldest and largest showcase of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender cinema runs June 14 – 24, with screenings at multiple SF theaters including the temple of gay a.k.a. the historic Castro Theatre. The East Bay isn’t left out either–with lots screenings happening in Bezerkeley. During the 11 days of Frameline36, tens of thousands of people will come together to see lo mejor of new LGBT cinema. Amongst the films representing over 30 countries are some much buzzed about and highly anticipated Latino films. Here are Remezcla’s top picks from this year’s Latin@ Program.

Mosquita y Mari
Aurora Guerrero
USA | 2011 | 85 min

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“This Sundance favorite is a sweet and genuine film about two Chicana high schoolers, Yolanda, a shy, straight-A student, and Mari, her “bad girl” classmate. Yolanda offers to tutor the feisty and hot troublemaker. As she and Mari study and share their intimate thoughts in an abandoned auto body shop, their feelings inevitably get deeper, furtive glances grow longer, and Yolanda starts to come into her own. Aurora Guerrero’s debut feature takes a tender look at what it’s like to discover yourself and fall in love for the first time.”

Expected guest: director Aurora Guerrero

Elliot Loves
USA | 2011 | 92 min

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“Finding love in the big city is never easy. But it’s always entertaining in this bouncy romantic comedy from first time feature director Terracino. Elliot is an earnest twenty-one year-old Dominican American looking for love in all the wrong places. The juxtaposition of Elliot’s past and present paints a sweet, complex character study of a young gay man trying to find love and meaning in the big city. Wild visual nuances, surprising fantasy interludes and a non-traditional approach to just about every aspect of filmmaking make this a must see for connoisseurs of brave new cinema.”

Expected guest: director Terracino

Joshua Sanchez
USA | 2012 | 75 min

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“An adaptation of Pulitzer prize finalist Christopher Shinn’s first play of the same name, Four is both an emotional and urgent glimpse into the lives of four troubled and fascinating individuals. As the world around them celebrates the 4th of July with fireworks and festivity, a closeted married man, his young daughter, a gay teen, and a minor drug dealer haltingly negotiate one-night affairs. Filmmaker, author and artist Joshua Sanchez (Kill or Be Killed, Frameline28) upends typical expectations of race and gender, reading Shinn’s drama with an intensity, candor, and carnality.”

Expected guest: director Joshua Sanchez

Wu Tsang
USA | 2012 | 74 min

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“Wildness is a portrait of the Silver Platter, a historic bar in LA that’s been a thriving part of the Latino LGBT community since the sixties. It chronicles what happens to the bar when art student, Chicago transplant and director Wu Tsang sets up a weekly dance/performance art party. As the clientele starts to move away from its Latino working class, immigrant and transgender base towards a more hipster audience and media outlets start covering the immensely popular party, the new attention on the bar brings increased police surveillance and some of the regular girls of the bar are deported.”

Expected guests: director Wu Tsang, subject Mariana Marroquin, co-writer Roya Rastegar, producer Kathy Rivkin, cinematographer Michelle Lawler

Kiko Goifman, Claudia Priscilla
Brazil | 2011 | 72 min

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“Syllvio Luccio, born a girl, grew to identify as a lesbian then finally a man, embarks on a road trip through Northeastern Brazil, a region characterized by rigid ideas rooted in evangelical religion and machismo. Drawn in by his gregarious nature, flirtatious sense of humor, sensitivity and insightfulness, Syllvio engages with outsiders of different backgrounds on the road, including LGBT youth, a man whose paternity is questioned by his family and a group of adults afflicted with a genetic disease. Directors Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla draw candid testimony from their subjects to construct a moving portrait of an individual and exploration of outsider culture.”

Don’t miss out on the various shorts programs including a screening of this cute mini-pelicula

Gloria LaMorte
USA | 2011 | 9 min

[insert-video youtube=Z53f0W6UqL8]

It’s Prom Night in the South Bronx, Michael is in for an evening of horror, hilarity and hope as he decides whether or not to kick it to his CRUSH.


Frameline36: the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival runs June 14 – 24, with San Francisco screenings at the Castro Theatre (429 Castro Street), Roxie Theater (3117 16th Street) and the Victoria Theatre (2961 16th Street), and in Berkeley at Rialto Cinemas Elmwood (2966 College Avenue).

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