Legendary Michelle Obama Leads First Ladies Debut Episode on CNN

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Last night CNN debuted a new original series, First Ladies, with Michelle Obama as its star. Exploring the position of FLOTUS throughout history through the experience and accomplishments of the first Black woman to assume the role is illuminating; Obama, as we know, faced challenges and scrutiny unlike any other before her.

Her “mom-first” approach is noted as especially impactful to changing the harmful, false, and racist narratives pegged to Barack.

In a clip featured in the trailer, the former First Lady says, “I joke that my first job is going to be Mom-in-Chief, because with little kids I have to make sure their feet are on the ground.”

Navigating expectations and scrutiny from the public and expectations, Obama adapted the role to suit her own values and ambitions. This was on her own accord, of course, but did she really have a choice? Nobody like her, the series rightly points out, had ever held the role before. She could mold her choices based on those of previous First Ladies to only a certain degree. That she redefined the role is an absolutely inarguable fact.

Obama made history in a way no other FLOTUS ever will. Check out highlights from the episode via CNN, or watch the show in full via CNNgo.