Lin Miranda's "200 Cartas" Gets a New Trailer

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Above is the new trailer for friend of Remezcla Lin-Manuel Miranda’s film 200 Cartas, the story of a Nuyorican looking for love on la isla. It’s a project I’m looking forward to, in no small part because the film also boasts an all Latino cast, seemingly endearing characters, and tackles themes relating to Puerto Rican identity on the mainland as it relates to Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico. (I also made an embarrassing video audition for a contest the team behind this movie held a while back…so I’ve been rooting for this movie for a while…) 200 Cartas is directed by Bruno Irizarry, and stars the likes of Jaime Camil, Dayanara Torres, and Pili Montilla. Oh, and how could I forget: IRIS CHACĂ“N IS IN IT.

Not too shabby.