Los 33 Chilean Miners Trailer Spoof

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It was only a week ago that we were glued to our screens watching the extraordinary extraction of 33 Chilean miners trapped in a hole over 2000 feet underground. Truthfully, we were extremely moved. Yet, a twitch in our spine, a.k.a. cynicism, made us wonder when the integrity of the event would be compromised by book deals, endorsements and movie pitches. These days, a story riddled with this much drama consists of a certain protocol, mainly, dictated by who can deliver the most Benjamins. Usually, it’s Hollywood. But leave it to the interwebs to give us an idealized — and hilarious — version of whatever movie might be made. For example, take 33 of the most recognized male actors on the planet, put a trailer together with clips of the actors looking scruffy, disheveled, and preferably situated in caves, and presto! Instant meme. Roll it!

Brilliant, but they totally missed one.