Video: Donate to Los Amigos Invisibles Documentary

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In the past I’ve complained more than once about the overdose of Los Amigos Invisibles I felt I was subjected to. At one point it felt like a paranoia-inducing conspiracy. Like everywhere I turned, THERE they were. Playing.

Nothing intrinsically wrong with them, live they’re like the ultimate party band. They deliver a constant avalanche of high-octane, dance-floor filling tracks pleasing the most diverse crowds. Plus, their recordings are packed with subtlety and refined lush. Oh, and DJ Afro is a freaking genius! But there’s such a thing as too much Amigos too–there’s no point in having them play at every single music festival, every year. Other bands should get a chance, too.

Ecuadorean musician turned documentarian Juan Marín is set out to prove my conspiracy theory wrong. He says the Venezuelan sextet deserves to be where they’re at because they’re “the hardest working independent band in the business” and to support this theory, he’s producing a feature-length documentary, aptly-named La Casa Del Ritmo.

He has a point, after 20 years together doing their own thing, without following fads or “selling out,” plus keeping it up with the same exact bandmates through thousands upon thousands of hours touring without visible signs of wearing out the machine, Los Amigos Invisibles stand out as an anomaly, to say the least. And if they have a secret formula for this success, well, they might as well share it with the world in the form of a documentary. I’d be happy to watch it–as long as it doesn’t start premiering simultaneously at all film festivals and I OD again! Just kidding.

You can become an executive producer by pledging to the cause via Kickstarter. Check our the intro below.